About Us -

Chris's story

Having worked in financial services for over 6 years I realised that client acquistion was the biggest challenge for most businesses operating in this sector. After experimenting with different types of online marketing and directories for myself, I discovered the holy grail in generating leads for my business, Facebook. I realised I was actually quite good, so I quit my day job to focus fully on lead generation.

Generate More Leads

Our key to success

We really belive that simple is better and this is our approach to our work. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that we can deliver the ROI and results you deserve. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Do you qualify?

We are very selective when it comes to choosing clients to work with. New leads must be an essential part of your business growth stratergy. You have the capability to handle leads nationally and you require at least 50 leads per week. If you want to give us a trial run, we can start with 25 leads per week. No further commitment after the first week.